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severe macaw

  1. Emma

    Parrot cant chill

    I have a severe macaw who is a delightful bird, when i spend time with him (talk/play with him at his cage) hes great, content just happy that im even in the room hell sit on the rope perch outside and purr you know chill and he could be like that for awhile he wont ever really get anxious or...
  2. R

    Severe Macaw

    Does anyone know what a fair price of a baby Severe Macaw is these days? I’m helping a friend research and have no idea what’s considered reasonable for one of those guys. Thank you!
  3. M

    Severe macaw to the party!

    Hi everyone! I came across this forum and I’m excited to have people to talk about my bird with! I have a chestnut fronted macaw named Safari! He’s 7-10 years old! I’m very excited to make some new friends and learn some new exciting parrot stuff! Wanted to share some pictures! The humans are me...
  4. M

    Looking for information on mini Macaws

    I am a bird lover from Newport News,Va.I have had many parrots,lovebirds,conures,cockatoos,and greys. I am now looking into mini macaws,specifically severes. I would love to here about your experience with severes and other mini macaws
  5. Doctress

    Pictures Throwback Thursday

    I was cleaning the office, and found an old photo, around the time Georgie came to live with us. Circa 1997 or so
  6. M

    Severe Macaw Breeders

    Hi everyone. I'm MJ, new to the site. I as actually trying to look for good Severe Macaw breeders in the Virginia or Surrounding areas. I've seen a few online but they look to be bigger breeders and some do not have the best reputation. I'm always willing to drive wherever but if I purchased a...