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separation anxiety

  1. M

    Mumma boy Lori won’t let me leave his sight!

    Hi all. I’m hoping someone might have some advice for me. Georgie is a 5mo rainbow Lori we have adopted and he is quite beloved. We have had him only a month but he has very much bonded with me and my partner (and sometimes our 7yo son). He was hand reared from birth (we are told). He’s friendly...
  2. Marvel_ous

    Caique with separation anxiety??

    So i've had Marvel for 4 days at this point and she's been wonderful except for one MAJOR issue. If she can't see anyone, she immediately starts doing a flock call (the best I can describe it is a very loud door creak. it's longer than the "smoke alarm" vocalization) every 8-10 seconds and does...
  3. sunnysara

    Help! Hyper Female Sun Conure

    Hi! My baby Sunny is about 5 months and she's a sweetheart. The problem is, she literally doesn't stay still... Ever! She's always going flying around the house or going crazy is she's in her cage (big toy-filled cage). Also she seems to hate her cage, she does play with her toys sometimes but...
  4. Birdy05

    Bird Hemp (Hempwell) for Plucking

    Hello fellow bird owners! This is my first ever thread, so I'm not too sure how to navigate everything. I just wanted to run a bit of an experiment/review for everyone wondering about the Bird Hemp oil from the brand Hempwell. There were barely any reviews on it anywhere, but it was recommended...
  5. D

    Cockatiel throwing fits. Seperation anxiety?

    I’m new to this forum. My cockatiel is nearly 2 years old, I’ve had him since march 2019 and we’ve been closely bonded ever since. I recently moved into a new apartment with a new roomate and started a new job all at once & since then he’s become a nightmare. I believe he’s developed severe...
  6. LydiaB

    Separation Anxiety?

    So, I've only had my Quaker for about 2 weeks now and I've spent pretty much all my time with him since. Recently, whenever I leave him in his cage and leave, he starts freaking out and making a ton of noise until I come back. When I try to go to bed and leave him in the cage, he crawls off his...