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  1. G

    triton cockatoo, need help

    I have a bird, Wacko, she's a 32 year old Triton cockatoo. We have had her for 17 years. We have had to have her fostered a couple of times (as briefly as possible) due to instability in living situation. Now we are having to move again and have nowhere to go, as you may know trying to be in...
  2. Jhanna

    I want to start a bird rescue

    Hi! I have spent countless hours reading threads on here learning how to care for my yellow-sided conure, Pebbles, as well as taking in as much general bird knowledge as I can and each day falling more in love with these beautiful creatures. It breaks my heart that there are so many birds out...
  3. J

    Cockatoo Rescue and Sanctuary-WA

    Does anyone have any experience/information/etc about The Cockatoo Rescue and Sanctuary in Stanwood, Washington? I’ve read their website cover to cover, and it looks good but I’ve got some misgivings about some things. Their policy of no pre- (or post-) surrender visits..EVER makes me nervous...