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rose breasted cockatoo

  1. X

    Looking for a Gahlah breeder!!

    Hey everyone, I’m currently in search of a galah breeder. Hoping you guys can give me your best recommendations. I’m located in NY but I’d be willing to travel. Everything I’ve come across online seems kinda sketchy and I’d prefer not to purchase from my local bird store. Thanks!
  2. Gokha

    Male vs. Female behavior in Galahs

    Is there a difference between male and female Galahs when it comes to behavior? For example, ringnecks and cockatiels show distinctive behavior where males do a “dance” with heart wings and females bend and chirp when trying to mate. what about cockatoos, and RB2s in particular?
  3. R

    Suggestions for bird species

    Hello, I was thinking about getting a galah but I am having dificulty finding one for sale or adoption, and was wondering if there was any other species anybody would recommend for me. I am mostly looking for a bird that is playful, and touchable, not necessarily snugly or cuddly but a hands on...
  4. R

    Reputable Galah Breeders

    Hello, I am looking into buying a galah from BuyBirdsNow (an aviary), the issue I am having is that I will have to ship the bird so I will not be able to meet the bird or the breeder. Does anyone have experience with this breeder, is he/she reputable? If not what questions should I ask? Are...
  5. mangobird

    Are rose-breasted cockatoos difficult?

    Hi everyone, I had a quick cockatoo question. Are rose-breasted cockatoos (also known as galahs) as difficult to keep as a larger cockatoo, such as an umbrella? I’ve seen some people online say they’re much easier in terms of behavioral issues than umbrellas, but a cockatoo is a cockatoo at the...
  6. mama.marci


    Hello! Backstory: Mother was an experienced bird lover. Her first parrot was attacked by a terrier and sadly passed. About a year later (2010) she was gifted a rose breasted cockatoo from my father. Fast forward to 2018, She was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer and passed that year Dec...
  7. S

    Galah or Goffin Breeders?

    I live in Florida and I hope to find a fairly affordable ($1,500 or less) cockatoo breeder of the goffins or galah species. I am willing to see breeders who ship too! I’ve been doing a ton of searching but all I keep finding are scam sites.... thanks in advance for any help!
  8. R

    Greetings from us in Massachusetts!!

    Hi y'all, My name is Rachel. I'm a single mom of 6 yr old boy/girl twins. My son was diagnosed w ASD some years ago and is quite high-functioning. He is FASCINATED with animals and we've seen huge improvements w him by the way he interacts w our furry friends. We have a 2yr old Morkie (1/2...