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rope perches

  1. A

    Chew-thru resistant (and safe!) rope

    Hi! Does anyone know of a type of rope that is somewhat chew-resistant (and of course, safe) for a cockatoo and macaw environment? I’ve been using various thickness of sisal - and even that reed grass (not sure what it’s officially called). I braid and weave it into platforms and ladders b/t...
  2. Dostc426

    Non-Rope Perch Alternatives?

    Hello everyone! I have been using an assortment of manzinita perches, rope perches, and very rarely dowel perches in my parrot's cages. I recently stumbled upon this scary thread: Parrot Forum • View topic - WARNING ON FABRICS (inc. rope perches, snuggle tents, etc) and now I am all wigged out...