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  1. hrafn

    Ponytail = STRANGER DANGER

    I just made the mistake of going into the New World room with my hair still pinned from doing my makeup, and upon seeing me Aurélie instantly went into BEAST MODE. Beak open, feathers fluffed, tail flared, pionus strut, the whole nine yards. She had NO idea who I was. Poor little girl...
  2. hrafn

    And the first kid to wind up at the vet in 2019 isss.....

    ...Aurélie!! :wewin: Poor little Réy. This one was completely my fault, not just accident-prone weirdos getting into trouble again *coughTACOcough*. I went out for a few hours today running errands, and apparently when I shut the trouble-making fids away before I left, I didn't latch Aurélie's...