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  1. Parakeet88

    GCC weird regurgitation?

    I finally have a few days off from work so I went to my parents house for a couple days. I always bring my GCC, ben, with me. This is only his second car trip, he did really well on the first trip but this time it was raining. I think the wipers and how loud the rain was freaked him out at...
  2. EarthToEcho

    Regurgitation Question

    So it finally happened, my bird (a 1 year old Sunday Conure) regurgitated for me. If anyone has advice for how to handle this (if it happens again), I'd be glad to hear it! Since I wasn't sure what to do this time, I just picked him up, put him in his cage, and then refilled his favorite...
  3. Samariana

    Urgent Excessive vomiting/regurgitation

    I'm currently caring for a 3 month old Catalina Macaw. 2 weeks ago he started vomiting after every feeding. Sometimes bobbing, sometimes flinging. He's been to 2 Avian vets and had 2 crop swabs to no avail. Currently awaiting bloodwork results. He's been on antifungal, antibiotic, and anti...
  4. BirdDad

    Shaking Leg - Is he okay?

    This is my sister's 1 and a half year old (presumed) caique. He does this every time he wakes up, for a few seconds up to maybe a minute sometimes. He also usually bobs his head like he's trying to regurgitate while doing that, I just haven't caught it on video. Is this behaviour okay? I've...