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  1. AmberC

    Laura has a sore foot...

    When Laura (our 10 week old rainbow lorikeet) plays with her toys she loves to grab and hold them with her feet but... The other day Laura got her foot caught in the rope of on of her toys! I untangled her but after I untangled her she was limping around so we took her to our local avian vet...
  2. AmberC


    Hi I am hand rearing a baby rainbow lorikeet called Laura who fell out of her nest. (DNA testing proves she's female) We found her when she was 3-4 weeks old now she's 7-8 weeks old. she's recently started flying for the first time!
  3. P


    HELP ! URGENT So recently my kitchen unfortunately burnt down leaving me in an apartment whilst it’s fixed, i one a rainbow lorikeet whom lives in a reasonably small cage, i was wondering, what do i do? I’m unable to let him out as i’m stuck in this apartment and at school, this apartment is...
  4. B

    Ants, ants EVERYWHERE

    So, it's practically summer over here in Australia and as you may know, lorikeet foods contain a LOT of sugar. This of course attracts ants, LOTS OF THEM, and it's driving me crazy. Every time I give my lorikeet food, even if it's just enough for him to finish it all, any trace of it can attract...