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  1. Rio&Friend

    What gender it is?

    Hi everyone, I brought a new budgie. Its name is rainbow :budgieyf: . We brought her because my yellow colour budgie has become stress, so we decided to buy a new budgie. After we brought, My Yellow colour was finally free from stress. Can anyone tell me what gender it is? Because I feel it is...
  2. SumitaSinh

    Advice needed

    As advised by experienced friends of the forum, I was searching a good cage for my OWA (previously I found one, but people said it's not up to the mark)... Recently, my pet store informed me there's a new type of cage, according to them it's non toxic material. I am showing you the photo, it's a...
  3. A

    Pet lorikeet with wild birds

    Hi Everyone, I'm hoping for some advice. We have a pet rainbow lorikeet that we adopted about 3 years ago. He is inside at night but has an outside cage during the day. Lately he has had wild birds coming and landing on his cage - often the same bird ( I think a girl). As I've read that...