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  1. AussieBird

    Pictures The Quail Quartet

    At some point I need to take a good camera out to get some really nice pictures of this gorgeous group.
  2. AussieBird

    Pictures A few Unexpected Additions

    I had plans to get quail, but it happened a lot sooner then I thought it would. These are two of the four new additions. Names are still to come as well as more pictures ;)
  3. dollfish

    Pictures Meet my quails!

    I'd like to share with you some pictures of my Japanese coturnix quails! I switched to the deep litter about a month ago and they are loving it. Honestly, I didn't know they would do so well. They spend the entire day scratching and dustbathing. They get premium seeds as scratch from Astro's...
  4. B

    Button Quails for pets?

    Hey guys, ive recently saw button quails (i think they were i have no idea i think they were white? there were also "normal colored" quails) and thought they looked cute. ive been researching about them but i didnt find any information on them about being pets. wanted to ask: how are they as...
  5. A

    Urgent Broken Quail Leg - Experienced chicken and quail owners advice please!

    Hi everyone! We have just been given a little king quail by the name of "Goose" that has a very broken leg. It was broken when the flight cage he was living in was being cleaned and his leg became stuck in the wire. That was 5 days ago and since then he has been hopping around his cage on one...