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  1. Lucario223

    Mite Problem

    Hello! A while ago while getting my two lovebirds through a vet check-up i was informed there was a mite issue. I got the medication that the vet perscribed (Ivermectin) and for the past few months i have been applying two drops every two weeks. Recently for some reason the mites have been...
  2. I

    HELP baby cockatiel may have leg problem

    My cockatiel has layed 4 eggs, 1 of them has died for an unknown reason after about 2 weeks, after 2 more days I found the weakest one with empty crop for prolonged time while the biggest 2 with full crop so I have decided to take him out as it seems that she isn't going to feed him like the...
  3. BirbDex

    Budgies and diets?

    Hi, so I have a lot on my mind currently but I don't want to come off as causing trouble as soon as I arrive so I'm not going to disclose any names what I am going to say is I was advised to put my budgie on a diet from a so-called professional bird trainer. Being someone who takes advice but...
  4. Mo Amjad

    Stargazing in parrots

    Hello, I got my Indian ringneck about 2 months ago and he has been pacing left and right and looks up at the same time. I took him to the vet and he just said it can cause feather plucking and to get him a friend to prevent that but that's too much noise for me he also said to keep him out his...
  5. Barnaby Rose

    Oliver is driving me CRAZY please help!

    Hi guys. It has been a while since I have posted (probably a good thing), but here I am again and I need some help. My little man Oliver (he is a Timneh African Grey), is about two years old now (yes, I know, the terrible twos)... and is becoming a little heck*** DEMON with his screaming, and I...
  6. A

    Parrotlets in love with cage

    Hi everyone I have had a parrotlet for quite a few years now and I got him a new cage recently and he loves it. He loves it so much he doesn't want to come out of it. Sometimes I will take him out and he will fly right back in. He also hates the color red. Is that normal?anyone have the same...
  7. Chad 02

    Breeding Indian Ring-necks questions

    hey i have two Indian ring necks one is a lutino (lady) and the other is morris who is i believe a sky blue cinnamon. at the moment they have four eggs and i believe maybe more to come. lady has been sitting on the eggs for a few days to i believe that the eggs are no longer dormant. every day...
  8. Stevetomobs

    Womanning up for what I've done..

    Hiya, it's me again. Well, you know when I posted that one thread about me 'forgetting to take the nest out'? I said I was going to take it out that day...but I never did. I kept saying "darn it! Well, I'll do it tomorrow." I was a cycle like that. It never got done, and now Bluebell has laid...
  9. Ravenclaw88

    Problem wing clip - help!

    A couple of days ago my mum and I decided to clip my 'tiel Totoro's wings, since it seems to calm his hormones down and prevents him from crashing into things if he has a freak out. (We've clipped him before fine). We did his left wing first, snipped a small section off two of the outermost...
  10. Alexi

    My 4 month old Cockatiel won't wean!

    Hello everyone! My name is Alexi (I'm new here) and I have a 4 month old grey cockatiel male named Nimbus. My fiance and I have had him since he was 4 weeks old and have hand reared him ourselves mostly. We got him from a breeder in Johannesburg South Africa who seemed nice enough even though...
  11. JJjojo15

    Regurgitating on everything!

    Hi, so my 4 year old green cheek is gotten into the habit of regurgitation on just about everything. About a year ago he started doing this so we switched him to a pellet based diet, but now (after eating seeds for about a month because we ran out of pellets) he has stated doing it again. Its...