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  1. Diveks

    Finch plucked by clutchmates

    So I’ve been raising up a few finches (a gouldian, 4 society, and 2 zebra finches). Well I’ve been having a little issue with one of the societies. Everyone seems to be bullying the poor guy and even plucked his tail feathers out. Im wondering if i should separate the one that is getting bullied...
  2. K

    Is it plucking or molting?

    Hi everyone, it’s me again, but I have been noticing that there have been feathers at the bottom of kiwis cage. They look like they’re feathers from kiwis chest area because they’re very small. I also don’t see any skin, but I am noticing grey patches so it’s making me a bit nervous. Kiwi...
  3. T

    Need Urgent Help With My Budgie Who Has Just Lost His Companion

    Hello there you guys! I hope you are all doing well today! Very unfortunately, my little buddy has just lost his mate 2 days ago :( Ever since her passing, my budgie has been very unlike himself and unusual! He is usually such a big foodie, but now he doesn't even go to eat or drink water by...
  4. BabyBirdMa

    Urgent Bleeding pin feather help!

    So I was trying to preen Ms. Bailey using the video tutorials I saw on YouTube. I went to pop a pin feather. I thought it was ready. It was light in color and it started bleeding. It was only a little bit but it still freaked me out. I put a generous amount of kwick stop on it and it seems to...
  5. BabyBirdMa

    How To Preen?

    I have an African Grey, Ms. Bailey. As you all probably know finding her a cage-mate is an extremely difficult task since Greys are so hard to come by. I can’t even find a breeder that has any on hand right now. Anywho, Ms. Bailey’s feathers seem a bit scraggly and with her being an older bird...
  6. B

    Molting, Over Preening or Plucking?

    Hey guys! I hope you've all been well this year!! Lately Frankie, my IRN, has been losing some of his larger feathers, not his soft fluffy downy ones. He looks molt-normal? His colour is a bit duller and he looks scruffier than normal, just like he does when he's molting, the only reason I'm...
  7. Y

    Best way to prevent over preening?

    Hey there! I’m watching a sulphur crested cockatoo for a few days and I’m worried she might be over preening, is there any way to help prevent this?
  8. K

    Video Is my bird preening our baby bird?

    We got a baby (8-9 weeks old) Sun Conure just yesterday, this is our first time getting a second bird and getting one so young. We have another bird at home, a Quaker parrot who's about 9 months old and has aggressive and territorial tendencies. We've tried to keep them apart from each other...
  9. ConureMom95

    Preening and Pin feathers help!

    Recently adopted a rescue African Grey. It’s been a lot of work but I’ve finally gotten him to trust me enough to cuddle and give scratches. The problem now is the absurd amount of pin feathers on his head and neck! It’s been awhile since he’s had any body close enough to work on those babies...
  10. H

    How can I clean my budgies feathers?!

    My 3 year old male budgie Zazu has been a bit under the weather so he’s having antibiotics as he has a respiratory infection. He doesn’t like being held too closely but I have had to by giving him the antibiotics via a tiny syringe. He isn’t too happy but he’s fine after! The only problem is...
  11. J

    Is stormy plucking or preening or molting? Help!

    Hi friends - I am new to the forum and have a 20 year old cockatiel with me. He loves to whistle and play, but recently I have noticed that when he showers, he ends up releasing some old dust off his feathers. I am worried he is also picking and pulling out hairs. Not sure if its molting or...
  12. Mooka

    Why does he do this?? (Help??)

    Hi everyone! This is my first forum post (not sure if this is the right place to post it), and I've finally decided to post because I'm so upset! I have two beautiful green cheek conures, a normal (Kiwi) and a cinnamon (Chai), but one isn't so beautiful anymore.... Around November last year I...
  13. Mo Amjad

    Ringneck growling and attacking his own feathers

    Hey guys my ringnecks seems to sometime growl Kind've aggressively and looks like he is attacking himself while preening should I be worried?.
  14. Whoviana

    Preen, preen, preen

    Sunflower was preening today when she pulled out a tail feather (she's molting). This didn't stop her though. She continued to preen the feather for a while until she dropped it. I guess it was easier to preen it that way.
  15. LydiaB

    Quaker Parrot Wont Stop Nibbling My Face

    I just recently got a Quaker Parrot and he LOVES chewing on my face. He likes to preen my hair/face but he especially likes chewing on my lips. I try to discourage that because I don't want him ingesting any harmful bacteria I might have in my mouth, but any time I get him close to my face, he...
  16. Whoviana

    Preening out feathers

    Sunflower has lost about 10 feathers today while preening. We watched her do it and she looks like she's preening normally, but some of her chest feathers are coming out. The feathers don't look damaged or bloody, but there is a noticable area on her chest where her feathers are not as full when...
  17. Candace & Rudy

    is it Preening, Plucking, Picking, Molting ?

    Hey everyone, I am a new bird owner I just adopted a GCC named Rudy he is about 3 years old. I stay in communication with his foster mom as she has been a huge help during the process and she likes to hear how Rudy is doing. We adopted him this past Saturday. I think he has been adjusting...