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potty training

  1. Meerkat07

    Knowing when your parrot is going to poop (potty training body language)

    So ive decided to start potty training the birds and am having a lot of trouble figuring out when they are going to poop. I know that smaller birds poop every 15 ish minutes and bigger birds poop every 30 minutes or 1 hour (sometimes longer). Im just looking for body language that you guys use...
  2. AkasyaEllric

    I think Slade might be potty trained. . .

    So since Slade and I have been making leaps and bounds in our relationship since we got the bigger cage and moved it beside me, his new favorite thing in the world to do is climb up on my leg and go to sleep, which I absolutely love. He wants to go to my shoulder, but I'm waiting till I can...
  3. issajoy

    Tips for training a baby (6 months)?

    Hello, I've recently adopted a juvi blue&gold macaw, his name is Ollie and he's six months old. We've been playing and training with him, he is very good at step up, is quickly learning step down, and is learning "nice" (letting us touch his beak without him going to lick or nip our fingers). He...
  4. Whoviana

    Accidental Potty Training

    We have been encouraging Sunflower to poop on one of her cages or perches instead of us (she can fly and always has access to her main cage, play cage, and play perches). In the process, she seems to have instead learned to poop on my husband. She has literally flown across the room, pooped on...
  5. kiwi203

    GCC potty training

    My bird poops a lot. A lot. More than usual, in fact. My mother wants to get rid of her if she can't stop pooping all over the house. We've tried a flightsuit, she's terrified of it. Is there way to potty train birds to poop less, or in their cage?