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play area

  1. MPCacatúa

    Updated Cage Setup with New Play Area :)

    They are loving their new play area that I set up connected to their cage! Grooming after a nice misting this afternoon :)
  2. kifird

    New cage for my budgie!

    So I found a really great deal for a cage for my single budgie, and I bought it and set it up today, and my budgie hopped right in! Very glad and very excited for my budgie to be in a larger cage finally. I am concerned that I didn't space it out correctly, because I put the natural and rope...
  3. R

    Birdproofing and making a play area

    I got a new budgie, which is actually my first bird, and I want to make sure I’m doing everything right. He flew out into my room twice before, and I only had him for a little bit more than two weeks (no more than three), and is not fully tamed yet (I don’t think). He only has one toy and a...