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plants foraging

  1. StygianEchoes

    Question About Potted Plants?

    Hello! I recently ordered a giant walk-in cage for my Budgies, and was fiddling around with the idea of perhaps putting a potted plant within it. (Like a really tiny tree or bush.) Do you think this would be too risky to do? I’ve never tried anything like that before. I know some plants are...
  2. cjy9375

    Parrots eating soil

    Hey everyone, I have several houseplants - all of which are supposed to be safe for birds. Mostly ferns, Sansevieria and a couple of other random plants. My birds, of course, like to chomp on them from time to time which should be fine as I wash them and try to make sure they're as "clean" as...
  3. kifird

    Is this plant safe for my budgie?

    Recently my mom just received this massive plant that my bird is having loads of fun in, but I keep him away from it due to my concerns on him chewing on it being toxic. I want my bird to have some fun in the plant to stay active, but me and her don't even know what species the plant is. We...
  4. SamanthaAV


    Has anyone put a small plant in their bird's cage? Obviously you have to get one that's safe and edible and doesn't have pesticides on it but I'm thinking about adding a stawberry plant or something for foraging. What do you think?