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pionus parrot

  1. ZY28

    Need help with Pionuses?

    Hi! I have been researching what would be a good bird for first time owner that lives in apartment. The pionus parrot seems to come up quite often. Then I went on Google and there are so many different Pionuses!!! I wonder which type of pionus would be a great match for a first time owner that...
  2. H

    What Pionus parrot should I choose?

    Hello everyone! I’ve been reading a lot of posts from this webpage and finally now registered an account to join the conversation and get more specific help, if needed. I now need help. I’m going to try to write this as clear and clean as possible. I’ve done some research on the Internett on...
  3. O

    bronze winged pionus

    Hi, I’ve been wanting a bronze winged pionus for a while now, but It’s been very hard for me to find any breeders in the U.S. I was wondering if anyone knows where I would be able to get one? I’ve also contacted this website called Samantha Parrot Store but i’m not sure how trustworthy it is...
  4. Ashnic

    Pionus in Australia

    Hi there, does anyone know if you can get pionus in Australia? I keep seeing on various Aussie parrot sites that bronze wings are available. But yet to find a breeder.
  5. cooheart

    two older birds, how to get them used to each other?

    hi! i'm new here, lol. i came across this forums site earlier and i can tell the community is great. i'm pat, and i'm from ohio. i'm on the younger side, but, due to my mental issues (adhd, anxiety, etc), i had to mature very fast. anyways, about august-ish in 2018, i adopted a 10 year old...