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pionus maxi; arthritis; athrosclerosis;

  1. ZY28

    Need help with Pionuses?

    Hi! I have been researching what would be a good bird for first time owner that lives in apartment. The pionus parrot seems to come up quite often. Then I went on Google and there are so many different Pionuses!!! I wonder which type of pionus would be a great match for a first time owner that...
  2. J

    Pain Management for Cockatiel Arthritis

    Hello everyone My cockatiel Woo has developed arthritis in one foot and has been having a hard time getting around. She’s now 24 and she’s my only remaining bird. Her cage mates have lived their life expectancy and she’s now alone. I’m happy for that since there won’t be any issues with her...
  3. Award

    Pionus with arthritis and athrosclerosis - care and diet

    I have a pionus maxi, Bertie. He is a kind of "rescue" bird so we are not sure how old he is - maybe as old as 14, but no more. He has a twisted beak that grows abnormally and as to be clipped frequently. As a result of this it is likely that he has sinus issues. He is missing bits of of a...