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  1. S

    pionus or love bird ?

    Hi there! I am looking for a bird- i had 2 birds back when i was younger first bird was a cocktail and then i had 2 budgies... I live in a apartment, i go to school and i am 6-8 hours away from home depending on the day, i have done a lot of reasherch on birds- i will have a big cage and lots of...
  2. ZY28

    Searching for a Bronze Wing Pionus!

    After tons of research i found that a Bronze Wing Pionus would be a good choice for me, but i found it really hard to find them. I live in Montreal, Qc, Canada. If anyone knows someone who breeds/sells them please tell me. Any breeder in Canada would be helpfull. Thanks.
  3. S

    Looking For WCP or Superb Parrot in Ontario

    After looking into the different parrot species, I discovered that either a white-capped pionus or superb parrot would be a good match for me and my lifestyle. I wanted to know if anyone knows of a reputable breeder, store or rescue in Ontario, that has them or breeds them.
  4. S

    Are pionus one person birds?

    I’ve been researching a lot about pionus (specifically WCP) and would like to know how they are around other family members and people in your household. I’ve read various forums about their personalities and behaviours and have seen mixed answers on this topic. I would also like to know how...