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  1. J

    Newbie! Help please

    Hi bird peeps. I'm in Australia. Here's our new 'Sunny' @ 9 weeks old. Have had him since 5 wks...WAS initially 'Sunny Boy' but now not so sure... What do you guys think?
  2. O

    Possible pied male?

    Hello, I was reading a post on this page saying that it is possible to sex young cockatiels who are pied due to their cheeks. I have attached a few pictures, there seem to be yellow streaks going through the cheeks, so therefore, can it be determined that this is a male? The breeder (Marc...
  3. Veggielover

    Smart egg layer

    So, my pearl pied cockatiel layed her second egg ever today. The first had a hole in the egg. So marshy took some paper that I had put in the cage and closed the egg's hole with paper and water. I'm beyond amazed at how intelligent this little bird is. Have any of you experienced anything...