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  1. sootling

    My little flock of 4

    So, thought I would start this since my flock is pretty fun and maybe someone would like to hear about it! I honestly don't have any exotic or rare parrots, but my life with the budgies is still as crazy and eventful! Anyhow, the flock members are: 1. Stormy (M), almost 3yrs old. My first...
  2. conureluv

    Backyard/Wild Bird Photos

    I’ll post my photos of backyard birds here. Dark-eyed Junco Tufted Titmouse Cardinal (blurry and far away; he just flew up while I was typing this) Red headed(?) woodpecker Sorry for any blurry or unfocused or dark photos! :o:
  3. Kiwi & Co.

    Pictures Do budgies tails' get longer each molt?

    I couldn't find an answer on Google, so I decided to post my question here. I was sorting Kiwi and Blizzard's molted feathers, when I noticed the the older long tail feathers are noticeably shorter than the ones more recently molted. I also noticed that Kiwi's tail has always been at least a...
  4. Kiwi & Co.

    Pictures Happy Hatchday Blizzard!

    Today is Blizzard's estimated hatch day! She will be pampered with millet today! (Once she wakes up lol, still not their wake up time) One of the first days with her: On the playstand: 4th of July: At the mini picnic table: On a walk outside...
  5. Kiwi & Co.

    Pictures A handsome fellow...

    And they were quite the tame little dragon fly too! I love their shiny blue eyes. :loveshower:
  6. Khizz

    Pictures Picture vs reality challenge!

    I dunno about you guys but whenever I take a picture of my two I always get one of them being super cute and loving and about 10 of them bickering or looking daft. So my challenge to you is to post your pretty posed pictures and at least one "real" pic! Here is mine! Cute, loving little pair of...
  7. hrafn

    Pictures I just love 'im

    Photodump just because he's cute. :D
  8. Dr. Budgie

    How to take photo's of my bird?

    Hi there! I'd love to share how my bird look's but I got no idea how to take a photo of him, I don't have a phone so I got a feeling I'm outta luck, also I wouldn't be able to transfer the photo's anyhow, so any suggestions?
  9. Sweet Louise

    The only on target reaction to today...

    'nuff said....
  10. tka

    Pictures Leia

    I don't think I've really shared photos of Leia before, but I'm transferring photos from my phone to my computer and thought I'd share a few photos here! One of them is of her shredding a wooden coffee stirrer - turns out those are fun to turn into tiny splinters. You also get one of my...
  11. Parakeet88

    GCC spooky halloween!

    Ben's tiny Halloween was a success! He'll do anything for walnuts lol Thanks to @Danita for the little candies and owls! I swear I didn't do it! lol The best perch?
  12. Parakeet88


    Hey everyone! please check out all the amazing photos being voted on for the calendar, there aren't many votes yet! :cheer:
  13. Meggie

    Pictures My Photogenic Conure : Marley

    Here are some photos of my handsome boi.
  14. Sylvi_

    Mimi girl!

    Got a couple photos of Mimi being cute today, she was in the middle of a preening-session. :xflove: Do excuse her roughness, little lady is molting. :hehe: And my favorite..Fluff-butt angle! :heart:
  15. iamwhoiam

    Lots of goodies for the birds

    From Oliver's Garden SWS: Thanks Susan. From T4W SWS & RLS: T4W Beak Box: Thanks Danita and the Wingettes. My Bird Store sale: The only disappointment (very minor) with the order is that the hardwood arch swings now come with cotton rope instead of sisal. The rope will be removed.