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    Bird-safe products/companies?

    Hi everyone! First-time bird owner here, does anyone know if the following companies are bird-safe? - Black + Decker - Our Place - Breville - Daewoo - Revlon (curling irons) - Hamilton Beach - TechniVorm / MochaMaster - Whirlpool ovens I’m in the process of bird proofing and having a little...
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    Confused about PFAS... What do we ask for??

    So I've heard PTFE and PFOA thrown around as the big no-nos. But sometimes I see PFC, PFOS and also "PFAS" which I guess is the umbrella term for all of these substances if thats correct..? So which one do we actually ask manufacturers about when it comes to our bird's safety? Do we just ask...
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    Best cookware for my parrot

    Hi Everyone! I'm looking into buying new parrot safe cookware - specifically a frying pan. I currently have a stainless steel frying pan which is on its last legs and have been searching the web for a PTFE/PFOA free one and came across one on Argos that I think is made from aluminium and...