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pellet advice

  1. papaya13

    Reducing TOPs Pellet Size: TAG

    My TAG Merlin is currently on a diet of about 40% TOPs pellets... at least, 40% of what's offered. I only offer dry pellets in the evening before I turn his lights off, and he seems to enjoy crumbling them up and tossing the dust about. In the morning, if his bowl is clean, I'll sometimes...
  2. G

    'Tiel & Budgie Diet

    I'm wondering if a mix (in all equal parts) of Zupreem Natural Pellets, Harrison's Adult Lifetime, Dr. Harvey's Colossal Cockatiel Blend, and Top's Parrot pellets is a healthy well rounded diet for my cockatiels and budgie to eat? Of course they will still get fresh fruits and veggies as well as...
  3. aidan16

    Welcome Na'ringa home!!! :'D <3 (Plus... nutrition slander??)

    My baby is finally home!! After a week of anxious (I mean ANXIOUS) waiting and preparation, I got to take Na'ringa home yesterday evening!! I've gotten a gram scale and am monitoring her weight, have her pellets (mixed with her previous food) and chop diet, and I have her wellness exam scheduled...
  4. C

    pellet conversion

    so i got my lovebirds (and parakeet) pellets. when i got them they were on a all seed diet. they aren’t eating their pellets. and if i put seed with the dry pellet but they just fished out the seed. so i soaked them and put a little oats and seed and millet so they’d eat it. they ate but a...
  5. Tapew0rrm

    UK based pellet brands?

    Okay, so,,I'm looking for a bit of advice here. I know that all birds have different preferences in pellets and there's no "one size fits all" situation with them, but I'm wanting to do my best for Aro's health. I was advised to use tops with him as it's the best for birds apparently, but, since...