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patagonian conure

  1. S

    Patty conure

    We currently don't have a bird and recent came across a patty. Can anyone tell me how loud they are? Why aren't they so common? And do they make a great companion? Any advice would really help.
  2. Kenzie

    What do you usually do with a new bird?

    With the new family addition, I've been trying to decide what to do with her. Currently, I take her out with a perch (she doesn't bite my arm/hands but she beaks at them and I rather not stress her out by forcing her). I put her on a playstand and I sit and chat with her. She doesn't talk, just...
  3. Kenzie

    Coming to the family

    Last post I posted here regarding getting a new family member, anyways, was that my baby BCC had passed away unfortunately. I still think about little him or her a lot and really wish they were the one I would be bringing home. However, I am giving a home to a rehome Patagonian Conure. She is...
  4. Sol

    A rare butt

    Here’s my Patagonian Conure showing off his “good side”
  5. Sitruceel

    Patagonian Conure Questions

    Hello everyone, I’m fairly new here! Several months ago, I was looking to adopt an older parrot and had given up my search untilan elderly woman emailed me wanting to know if I’d take her 6-8 year old Patagonian conure in June. I drove two hours to go meet him and saw my first patty in real...