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parrot toys

  1. Ulis_Beast

    Video Lokis Luxuries

    IT'S HERE, IT'S HERE! :excited1: My first big overseas toy order that is. Step 1 desinfection; step 2 unboxing and cleaning; step 3 unveil at a safe distance from the bird; step 4 let it rip; Had I known this is going to be such a success (gross understatement) I would have ordered...
  2. Sai_ch92

    My CAG is a plucker

    I adopted my CAG some months ago, he's a plucker. He had plucked his back, neck, and front. He now has fluff coming back out, but the problem is that he will pluck it. We're currently working on trying to fix his sleep schedule and diet (he is a VERY picky eater). Do products like Avian Calm and...
  3. Mizzely

    NEW PRODUCT Hop On Over to Lil Monsters for Easter Toys!

    Winter is a weird thing. On the one hand it seems like it lasts forever, but on the other it seems impossible for it to already be March! Hopefully spring is on the way soon, too! In the meantime, Easter toys are here with plenty of time to finalize your shopping list...
  4. winnieirn

    New Playground!

    Since I love my Winnie Pooh so much I decided to build him a lil playground on the top of his cage and he’s lovin it. :laughing2: :kiss2:
  5. Chris1234

    Parrot Toy Angels Spring Auction

    Parrot Toy Angels Spring Auction has started! Runs until Saturday, 3.16.19. Lots and lots of goodies for the feathers and for the humans. Come check it out! Bird Toys Toy Making Parts Gift Cards And lots more! 100% of the proceeds are for the birds!!
  6. Chris1234

    AUCTION Parrot Toy Angels is having their summer auction

    Hi all! Just thought I'd let you know that Parrot Toy Angels is having their summer auction. Proceeds benefit their non-profit which provides toys, food and other avian supplies to companion birds in need. Check it out if you're looking for some new fun parrot related items! They have toys...
  7. GabeCast

    Bird Diapers???

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this? (admin feel free to move it) But does anyone use these "bird diapers"? In theory they're great, plus they look cute. But how do birds like them? Does it really even catch the poop? Or does it slide out? Anyone use these? (by the way, i know...
  8. L

    How about this Parrot bridge

    Smile Pig Lover Flexible Colorful Wooden Rainbow Bridge Ladder Cage Bird Hanging Toy Cage Rope Bungee Bird Swing Nest Toy Chewing Toy for Parrot,Swings,Ladders to Balance Exercise Save 40% each on This high quality products offered by Smile Pig Lover when you purchase 1 or more. Enter code...
  9. Danita

    Things have been Very WING-derful at Things for Wings...why?

    Why not be the first to find out? We have a HUGE announcement tomorrow!!! A couple announcements actually! :listenup: We have been offered a couple of amazing opportunities for our business to evolve and grow. Not because we are lucky, but because we are :super:GREAT Follow our Instagram...