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  1. E

    Cockatiel eggs pipping

    I currenting have 5 eggs incubating in a homemade incubator everything that is needed for the eggs have been met as all 5 have life. Now the first egg has started pipping 28 hours ago . It still only has a small hole. I have tried to read and do research on the matter but not much is found. I...
  2. E

    Cockatiels laid eggs for the first time?

    i have 2 cockatiels that have started to breed and just laid some eggs. My question is should i let the parents incubate the eggs or is it best to take the eggs now and incubate them myself? It is their first time breeding and the eggs look completely fine. They have gotten very aggressive so i...
  3. Sunny1745


    Hi, I'm Sunny! I've been wanting a bird for a long time so, I made a presentation to show my parents the reasons why budgies are great and how to take care of them. After reading one page they shut me down and immediately sai I can't get a bird. They're really intimidating so I had to build up...