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  1. J

    911 Hurt my rosella accidentally kicked her while she was walking around

    I hurt my little birdie by accident. She attacked my toes and I accidentally kicked her off I’m taking her to the vet soon but just super anxious on what could possibly be wrong with her She’s limping because her leg is a little hurt but I know that will get better soon but what I’m really...
  2. A

    Urgent Cockatiel in shock and i don't know what to do.

    My cockatiel flew out the window into the neighbourhood about 30min ago, so i ran outside as fast as i could and found my cat holding him in his mouth while he was screaming for help, i picked him up and he started violently biting me to the point where i started bleeding, the right side of his...
  3. S

    Ankle pain (attacks) and Deteriorating Feathers - Help!

    My male White Bellied Caique 'Loki' is 9yo. About 6 months ago he began visciously attacking his own ankle (mostly the right one); unprovoked screaming and biting hard enough to cause lacerations (we intervene quickly - now wears collar; unable to wean). Around the same time I noticed his...
  4. E

    Cockatiel hurt her leg?

    I’ve had this cockatiel for alittle over 2 weeks . She was untrained and now we have her to the point where she will climb onto our fingers when she thinks we have food. She isnt afraid of us as much as she was before. Just today we had her on our finger and we walked alittle bit further from...
  5. J

    Pain Management for Cockatiel Arthritis

    Hello everyone My cockatiel Woo has developed arthritis in one foot and has been having a hard time getting around. She’s now 24 and she’s my only remaining bird. Her cage mates have lived their life expectancy and she’s now alone. I’m happy for that since there won’t be any issues with her...
  6. C

    Parakeet health question

    hello, This looks like a great place. I am worried about my parakeet named Candy. He is a very sweet guy but lately he has been opening his beak up as if in pain and he is taking a lot of naps. I am not sure if the pain comes from the right side of his neck and or also his right foot. Sometimes...
  7. I

    Urgent Parrot keeps breaking blood feathers!

    So I have a 6 year old lovebird and in the past 2 months he started breaking blood feathers. He’s had them for 6 years but never broke them but it started 2 months ago. Every time he breaks them and I see blood, I get my mum to pull the broken blood feathers out with tweezers, but we have done...
  8. hrafn

    Pictures Ouch!! :(

    Is it just me, or does my poor girl have a MASSIVE lump on her head? :( Poor sweet thing. She definitely wasn't lopsided this morning. I did hear her give a squawk sometime around midnight last night, but when I checked on her she seemed ok. Maybe she slipped off of her perch and fell? Would...
  9. Jean20057

    Urgent Parakeet has noise in lungs

    Hey everyone. I wish I was back under better circumstances. My budgie Buddy has some crackling sounds coming from his air sacs. He also beeps when he flys. Not the "I'm excited" beep, but the "I'm in pain" type of beep. I'm going to take him in to the vet regardless, but I'm hoping someone else...
  10. R

    Cockatiel skin condition under wing

    Hi, The skin under my tiels wing somehow peeled off, looks slightly yellow and aggrevates her whenever she is cleaning or opening her wing. I have taken her to the vet and paid a nice sum of money to be given the following which hasn't resolved the problem: painkiller and antibiotic which were...