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  1. Tinabell

    Looking for a baby English budgie

    Does anyone know of any breeders for handfed english budgies in oregon , Washington, or California?
  2. elitys

    NW Oregon Air Quality

    I'm not sure if this is the right thread for this, feel free to move it admins. But due to a rare wind event, smoke from fires in eastern Oregon is being blown to our area and the surrounding ones. The air quality has been steadily worsening, and this morning, it passed 500 :confused: . The sky...
  3. K

    "Baby" Blue-Fronted Amazon needs home

    The founder of Cascade Canine Rescue East & West (C-CREW) and her son raised Baby from a baby and have kept her as a pet for almost 16 years. The son now has a family (etc...you know the story) and every room in the Mom's house is full of recently rescued, high-needs dogs in transition to...
  4. trinitymmgd1

    HALP IN Portland/Washington

    Hey guys, I'm hoping to find someone in Vancouver WA or Portland, OR (can drive 5-10 hours out if needed) areas to board my birds. I have an 8 month Catalina Macaw and a four year old Sulphur Too. I am relocating with my family of birds and two dogs, I am hoping I won't have to board them here...