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  1. Turkey2017

    Do You Guys Order Blood Panels?

    Hello! I have an avian vet that I’ve been going to for years but we’ve only ever done a blood panel once. She doesn’t seem to think they’re really necessary but I think I’d feel better if I could keep track on everyone’s condition over the years so I can have a ballpark of what’s normal and...
  2. Turkey2017

    Opinions on Hand-Reared vs Parent Reared Birds as Companions

    Hello! I understand the conversation revolving around the pros and cons of hand-rearing isn’t new, but I recently read an article (attached) that discussed it in detail and I found it really interesting. I’m not a breeder but I am verinterested in the concept of raising companion birds in a way...
  3. HazelNut33

    Your Opinion on Macaw as a First Bird

    One of my friends is a huge bird fan and desperately wants a macaw. She's never owned a bird before though but she's spent countless hours for about a year and a half at the local bird rescue. Her dream bird is a macaw and she doesn't want a starter bird that she'll have to take care of even...
  4. maounm

    Guess GW age

    How old does my macaw looks?
  5. FeatheredM

    Poll!! Is your bird crazy

    I'm very curious