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older bird

  1. BagOfMoss

    How to get my bird to like hands?

    My lovebird Lily hates hands and has since we've had her. I got her in October of 2023 and hands have always been an issue. She will get defensive and even attack hands. Even when I am holding some of her favorite treats.We got her as an older bird and are not sure on her age or a majority of...
  2. papaya13

    Strategies on Allowing Flight Feathers to Grow In Safely

    I'm preparing to adopt a 22YO CAG who has been clipped for at least 10 years. His current owner says he still shows some motivation to fly, and that he'll need another wing clip in about a month. He's encouraged me to clip for the bird's safety, but I'm strongly opposed to the practice and hope...
  3. papaya13

    Preparing to Adopt an Older Grey, Need Advice on Making the Transition Easy

    I recently made the decision to switch from buying a baby to adopting a 22YO CAG from a retired couple in my area. According to them, he's the 'sweetest bird they've ever met' and has no behavioral issues whatsoever... but my family has purchased a lot of ranch horses, and all of them are 'the...
  4. D

    Urgent Old cockatiel can't preen any longer

    My cockatiel, Zoe, is 20 years old now. She has been progressively getting worse, starting 2 or so years ago with some feathers right above her tail on her lower back that she was unable to preen, resulting in permanent pin feathers. Attached two photos, where you can see the many pin feathers...
  5. Doctress

    Great News!

    Took Taco the 27 yr old Amazon to the avian vet for a checkup. Drew blood to make sure he was healthy, as he does snack on people food from time to time. His diet is mainly ZuPreem pellets, with fresh fruit, and about 20% seeds and nuts. I was worried that he may have high cholesterol. His...
  6. M

    Adopted GCC Behaviour

    Hi everyone! i'm new to this forum, and desperately need help with my little bird, Mango. he's a green cheeked conure, about 6-7 years old, and my boyfriend and I adopted him from his family (he used to live with them, and the bird missed him a lot) around Christmas time. we brought him home and...
  7. J

    Adding a bird to the family?

    I have a female cockatiel that I've had since she was a few months old. She recently turned 13. Having a bird for so long, I obviously have a very special bond with her. However my job makes it so I'm gone most of the day five days a week and I know thats not the best for her emotional health...
  8. C


    I've somehow inherited a Conure from a family friend that passed away. No one knows how old it is. The previous owner was single, a smoker, and also had a indoor cat. *We've never had a bird, don't smoke, and currently have 2 dogs and a cat that are in and out of the house several times a day...
  9. Sarah Shrader

    Hello fellow bird people!

    I am a new mommy to a 20 year old female Goffin Cockatoo, Winter. I also currently have a 8 month old Sun Conure, Mikko. Use to have 2 budgies.
  10. L

    taming older cockatiel??

    Hi Everyone, A cockatiel started coming to my feeder about couple months ago. After a couple weeks I put a cage out with millet and he walked right in. N I had no luck finding his owners so I took him to a avian vet. The vet said he was probably a breeder bird or aviary bird because he was so...