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old cockatiel

  1. M

    Urgent Elderly cockatiel having seizures

    Quick overview so I can post something faster. I’ll add a detailed description after this. Elderly female cockatiel, assumed 24, rescue of about four years. Suddenly having seizures.what can I do?
  2. Rekillkos

    Jack the Vulture (cockteil)

    This is Jack. He is turning 22 years old this month, and is very sweet. He still likes to fly whenever he can, even though when he walks he hunches over like a vulture.
  3. 123delrey

    stressed out cockatiel :(

    recently, my family got a new cockatiel after our beloved conure passed away. this cockatiel is 10 years old and we adopted him from a shelter. we have had him for about a week and he is very anxious. he will start screaming at the top of his lungs, he bites and attacks everyone, he chews on his...
  4. N

    old cockatiel training

    hi! this is my first post here! I've had my birds since I am 3 years old and I feel bad because I never got to train them and always got scared when I take them out. 1) Sasha is 30 and askarakatiskis is 17 and I want to be better and make them have a great life and not cry evrytime I see them...
  5. S

    Taming An Older Cockatiel

    Hi, so I have a cockatiel who is around 14 years old. His name is Stitch. My mother bought him for my sister when I was around 7 and she was nine. Unfortunately, she didn't do much research in how to care for a bird properly and the time and effort that should go into it. Growing up I felt...
  6. K

    Taming 5 year old cockatiel

    Hello! i rescued a 5 year old female cockatiel named willie, shes pretty much been left in a cage her whole life. She’s absolutely petrified of people and hands, if I come to the cage she will move to the far side. She will eat millet from my hand if I approach her slowly. I don’t know what...
  7. S

    Cockatiel Stroke Aftercare

    So my cockatiel seemed to have a mini stroke this morning. We took him to the vet and based on his xray his doctor thinks he has atherosclerosis. He has had heart problems for a long time and is now 14. He’s okay now but I was told there’s not much they can do for him other than blood pressure...
  8. ina

    Pictures Swollen foot on cockatiel

    Hello! I have a cockatiel living with us since 17 years ago when she flied into my house. She's been fine in the first 14-5 years until she got cataract on her left eye (actually both eyes but her left eye is worsening faster). We brought her to the vet and have been given medicine (Meloxicam)...
  9. pennygirl

    Pictures 25 year cockatiel advise?

    Hi, I just recently adopted a 25 year old male cockatiel from a local rescue. I have already taken him to the vet and got his blood work done. He is in good shape now. He mostly eats pellets with fresh food along with a little seed and nut thrown in there occasionally. He is partially blind in...