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  1. Tenleigh

    Something is off

    I went on vacation for 2 weeks and came back just a couple days ago. I picked up my cockatiel from the pet sitter and everything seem fine. He was eating great and drinking great. When we got home, I started to play with him and lay out his toys, he didn’t want to play. He was also very quiet...
  2. Char.bird

    Need advice and help with my lovebird!

    Hi everyone, Thanks for the great advice on my last thread!! But I was just wondering how I can even get the love bird out of the cage as she she just doesn't want to come out. The weird thing is though once I finally get her out of the cage and away from it she is totally fine with me and will...
  3. J

    My cockatiel is addicted to bird videos

    I've had my cockatiel "Cheeky" for 4 months. He was ill when I got him, but he perked up when my son showed him cockatiel videos on YouTube while we nursed him back to health. Unfortunately, the video habit stuck. Cheeky still won't do anything (even eating, drinking, playing, etc.) unless the...