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  1. R

    Unsure whether my conure is sick or just settling in

    So I recently brought home a young pearly conure, he is about 8-12 weeks old, hand raised and from a lovely breeder. he has only been here for around a day and im aware that it can take a while for a bird to properly settle in but I’ve noticed some behaviours from him that I’m a bit nervous...
  2. Tenleigh

    Introducing myself and a question

    Hi! My name is tenleigh and I have a baby cockatiel which is 4 months! I loved birds through my whole live and new to this Community! I have a question if anyone can answer. My bird (kevin) keeps flying to window and watching the birds outside. I don’t know if it’s good for him or should I leave...
  3. L

    Tips on new lovebird (please help)

    Hi, I adopted a female masked lovebird 2 weeks ago. She is 3 months old and so far very unfriendly; the few times I've tried to approach her she runs away or tries to bite me. I decided to give her a while to adjust to a new setting before attempting anything further. She is also very loud and...
  4. S

    New member

    Hi, My name is Jacqueline, from Maryland. I have a Sun Conure and Hahn’s Macaw and I love my birbs very much. Excited to have joined this Community!
  5. atancred

    New owner of 2 budgies

    Hello everyone. I’m new in here. I recently became an owner of 2 budgies born in the end of 2019. I took them from a pet shop and they were not hand tamed. However, they told me they already are a couple. It’s been 5 days since I have them and I am already able to put my hand inside the cage...