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  1. FinchORI

    Meet Siouxsie!!!

    Hey Everyone! I recently made a post looking to rehome my finch, Arlo after her mate passed away. Ive posted on many sites and no one has been interested. Arlo has been getting more and more depressed and confused without a partner. After many discussions, my grandparents have decided to take in...
  2. FinchORI

    Meet my girls!

    Everyone… meet my baby girls Will and Arlo! (As in my favorite musical artists, Will Wood and Arlo Parks) Arlo is the fawn one, and Will is the gray.
  3. B

    It's been 2 months and pet bird is still scared

    Hi everyone, i'm new to this forum and this is my first post here! I brought home a four month old male budgie two months ago. I have a 2 year old male lovebird at home and despite the risks of having a lovebird and a budgie together, our birds have gotten along together quite well thankfully...
  4. B

    My cockatiel is very aggressive when around my new cockatiel

    Hello All, I have a cockatiel that is about a year old (named Mac) who has always been a sweet bird for the most part. Recently he has been more aggressive in certain scenarios but I am sure that is just because of his hormones and what not so I have just been more careful when handling him...
  5. Kenzie

    What do you usually do with a new bird?

    With the new family addition, I've been trying to decide what to do with her. Currently, I take her out with a perch (she doesn't bite my arm/hands but she beaks at them and I rather not stress her out by forcing her). I put her on a playstand and I sit and chat with her. She doesn't talk, just...
  6. melissite

    New Bird Advice?

    Hello! I'm new here, and there are probably so many threads about this already, but I figure to share my exact situation to get more particular advice. I have watched many tutorials on taming and bonding, and the general information has me going in circles with no progress. To begin, I had a...
  7. Rei.dot

    Hello first post

    I’ve had budgies since I was little but never really “hand tamed” them. I’ve deeply missed the little snuggles of a shoulder budgie so I’d decided to commit to hopefully fully tame my new girl (the right way ). She already knows her cages is her safe place and more often than not will step up on...
  8. A

    Advice needed on getting a new bird

    Hey everyone, So recently I've been thinking of getting a new bird, a cockateil specifically. Thing is, I already have a lovebird (1 yr old), and Icarus can be pretty aggressive. He's super territorial about his cage and that one section of curtain he calls his nest, and refuses to come near...