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new parront

  1. Anniebeth3

    Meet Opal

    Hi all, this is Opal my family’s GCC. We got her Christmas last year but I have only just joined this forum. We all adore her, she is the sweetest little mischievous cuddle pie . We’re all still learning and I’m hoping that I can learn lots as a member here, I would hate to do anything to hurt her.
  2. Oswald-Le-Tiel

    New Cockatiel Parront Fear!!!

    I just got a baby cockatiel a couple days ago from a really, really wonderful pet store. She was already extremely tame when I got her and loves to hang out on me and my family's shoulders, eat with us at the table, sit with me while I work on my computer, etc. During the day I'm okay, but at...