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  1. S

    I want to know about my myna health please help

    My myna looks healthy, hungry all the time and when he is hungry he will fly to everyone but most of the time his poop is yellow and he sleeps after every meal One day he vomited the small piece of apple he ate and look sick for one night and next day she was okay and now she does not look ill...
  2. S

    I want to help my bird

    I rescued common myna from the park and he is eating good but today when I touch him I feel his body is not warm as it was before and sometime his body is shivering little bit and one thing he go to sleep right after eating and he is sleeping more than before when I take him to my house he was...
  3. Diveks

    Handrearing mynahs?

    Hey everyone, so in a bit, i will be taking in a baby myna, i've had a handful of experience hand rearing baby parrots but this is new for me. what should i do differently with a softbill chick? i do have adult mynahs in the aviary but i didn't raise them from baby chicks (i don't breed them...