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  1. Ladymoonah

    Help...Mozzie attack!!

    Hi we have recently had a lot of flooding in my area and are now plague portions of mosquito and other flying bugs what is safe to use around the house and are my new born budgies at risk.(in an aviary nest box being cared for buy mum and dad).. ? ... thanks
  2. ZY28

    Camping, mosquito and bird

    Hi, It's summer!!! My family and I have been planning on going camping and I would need to bring my green cheek conure with me (I do not have a place for him to stay). I am primarily worried about mosquito spray... Our whole family has allergic reaction to mosquito bites so if we are not in our...
  3. Scarlet&Annie

    Are Mosquitoes are concern?

    Usually don't have many in the house/my room but want to be on the cautious side. Are they a concern for my little Conure? Thanks!
  4. Dostc426

    Bird Safe Ways to Prevent Mosquitoes in the House?

    Hi everyone! My boyfriend, conure, and I moved into a new apartment a couple of months ago, and we notice that we find the occasional mosquito flying around in our apartment! We want to take precautions because they have already bitten me, and we just want to make sure that they don't go for our...