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  1. 3

    Is he moulding, plucking his feathers, or is he ok?

    So I recently got a pet canary as a gift, and so far he's been well, happy and singing. Today thought, he's very silent and he keeps ruffling his feathers and grooming them I think, I'm not sure. I saw someone say that during their moulding periods male canaries don't sing (he's a male) and...
  2. EmmaAndEiffel

    Bad Vet?

    I apologise if this is in the wrong place I brought my parrot to the vet to have his beak trimmed, the woman who usually takes him was out so another vet took him to the back to have it done...when he came back my parrot-who is usually complaining and trying to eat the vet after a beak trim-...