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meyers parrot

  1. Z

    Identify meyers subspecies

    Hi all, Is someone here able to identify the subspecies of my meyers parrot ? I am trying to find out from which african country my parrot comes from.
  2. Ashnic

    Meyers vs Jardine

    So I was set on getting a Meyers. But recently a breeder said that Jardines are fantastic companions too. I've been looking into both and I can see a lot of similarities. These threads are great. But I was wondering if anyone with experience with both can shed some light on which of the two...
  3. Ashnic

    Meyers male vs female

    Hi there, I have done Infinite amount of research on Meyers parrot and have decided they are the one for me. Good amount of cuddles/low noise/ not one person bird/ laid back etc I am a female. And I'm wondering if there is much difference between male and female Meyers? Any recommendations? I...
  4. cooheart

    two older birds, how to get them used to each other?

    hi! i'm new here, lol. i came across this forums site earlier and i can tell the community is great. i'm pat, and i'm from ohio. i'm on the younger side, but, due to my mental issues (adhd, anxiety, etc), i had to mature very fast. anyways, about august-ish in 2018, i adopted a 10 year old...
  5. S

    What do I do when I first bring home a meyers?

    I heard that you need to not talk to them on the way home and ignore them for a week. Is this correct information? If not what should I do?
  6. S

    Do Meyers Parrots have issues at sexual maturity?

    I am getting a Meyers Parrot soon and I read about issues at 3 or 4 when they reach sexual maturity. The one I would be getting is a handfed just weaned bird. I read that petting on the back, under the wings, and the beak is breeding behavior. I don't want to start any bad habits before then to...