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  1. M

    Kiwi plucking his chest and masturbating 24/7

    Hello guys! A year ago me and my partner got Kiwi, he is an Agaporni fischeri and our first bird. A few months ago he started humping my hands and my girlfriend's hoodie, that's all he would do the second he got out the cage - hump and regurgitate. I even went to vet but he said it was his way...
  2. LostStoner

    How to stop an older bird from molesting a baby bird?

    I have a Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure who is 1 year and 3 months old. I adopted her from a previous owner, and just got the test results back to find out she is a female, so I now have two females, as I also have a 12 week old Cinnamon Green Cheek Conure that I just got a couple weeks ago. I...
  3. AkasyaEllric

    Frisky Behavior Question

    The rare times Slade masturbates when he finishes he poops also. Is this normal? None of my other birds do it till they're finished so it struck me as odd. He also makes the weirdest sounds :lol2: but I figured those are more than likely normal.
  4. Littlelovebird

    Losing feathers and used ones

    Hi guys! My lovebird is losing feathers. Nothing to worry this happens ever year. But this time he lost a lot on his tail and the new ones are growing in weird angles. He is also at an age were he likes to release a lot of tension apparently lol. And by hopping on a cushion some feathers now...
  5. charlieboy

    Masturbation in Parrots

    So I got a great teacher in my biology of sexuality class, and he talks about animal, plant and cellular reproduction a lot, which is really cool. :) He started talking about how chimpanzees and bonobos are pretty much the only animals, aside from humans, who masturbate and play sexual games...
  6. Julie O

    Female peach faced LB maturbating

    I have a female peach faced lovebird that has discovered the joys of masturbation... will this behavior trigger egg laying? She does not have a cage mate but has been exhibiting hormonal behavior and just today discovered how to self-love on her perch. If she did lay an egg it would be...
  7. KirstynR

    Male or female tiel? Rubbing vent on finger!

    I got my cockatiel, Nibbler, from a breeder about a year or so ago. The breeder originally told us it was a male, but then checked again by feeling the vent and said she was a girl. Today we witnessed our birdie rubbing the vent against my fiance's finger for the first time. I have been...
  8. Cockatango

    can you determine sex by masturbation?

    My lutino tiel is just over a year old. At first we thought she was a boy, but because of her lack of tuneful singing (skipping record yapping) we now think she's a girl. However the other day, Tango discovered masturbation. Then I realised this could be a way to sex her(/him?) Tango has a...