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male lovebirds

  1. Conurehous

    Male lovebirds

    Hello everyone! I’m still a little new here and I have conures but a friend of mine who I have turned onto birds is very interested in having a male lovie, they’re still looking for options but it has come down to a green cheek or a male love bird. They said they’ve read that lovebird hens...
  2. Jonathorus

    Is Passion female?

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to ask what to look for in a female bird. I am pretty sure Passion is a female, but I really don't know. Do all Lovebirds put twigs (Millet Stem) under their wings and bring it up high? I feel like that's something female birds do to make a nest. In other words...
  3. N

    Aggressive male lovebird

    Hi everyone! I am new to forums so forgive me if I am doing anything incorrectly. I'm seeking out the help of fellow bird lovers because of an issue I have. So I have a sweet old man lovebird (he is about 12 y.o) and a very energetic 2 year old lovebird (also male). We adopted him after the...