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lost bird

  1. K

    Lost bird

    We lost our baby frankie. A 13m old cockatiel. Lost in toms river nj near Silverton are. Happened yesterday morning May 21,2022 around 830am
  2. S

    Lost Cockatiel

    Our gray and white pet Cockatiel flew out the door last night at dusk. We live in Fayston, VT and the temperature is in the 40s. We have her cage outside the door she flew out. Looking for hope and praying for a siting.
  3. atheadax

    Suzy's Journey

    Suzume ([Pronounced soo-zoo-may] or just Suzy for short) is my darling budgie. She's bright blue, and is so soft and sweet. She may be very small compared to other budgies, she does pack a mean punch. Suzy has a habit of teasing her sisters and disobeying her mom. But overall, she loves kisses...
  4. FeatheredM

    Lost and found bird stories

    Has your little birdie got out by accident, did she or he return? Share your story Mine is this... I was so excited to see my birdies after not seeing them all day, so I ran inside and let my birdies out, but I brought them out of my room and downstairs so they could get a special surprise...
  5. budgelove

    Lost Budgie- San Gabriel

    Hi, I lost one of my parakeets/budgies. His flock and I miss him very much, please contact me if you find him. His English name is Beloved, his Canto name is Hong Yue. He's still quite young though, and only around half the time responds to either of his names being called. He's only about half...
  6. FruityFloc

    Can anyone identify this abandoned baby bird?

    Last night my housekeeper found an abandoned baby bird on the roof, but I told her to leave it in case the mother comes back. its 10am today and the mother hasnt returned, so I want to at least give it some food for the mean time. Does anyone know what bird this is, and what I should do about it?
  7. Zali_Jo

    Lost Eclectus (Found! update #4)

    We have lost a Male Eclectus Parrot!! Gippsland, Australia. He answers to the name Kirby and loves seed and nuts. He makes crow noises and says hello. Does anyone have any tips on finding lost birds?? Please help, Zali
  8. Kiwi & Co.

    Quaker Sighting

    Green Quaker with clipped wings seen in Fairfield County, CT. (Can't give exact location for safety reasons) I'm trying to catch it, but it seems to have roosted for the night and stopped calling. I'm going to look for it again at 5 (sunrise) tomorrow. :quaker: