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  1. Diveks

    Taming lorikeet pair

    I have a 3,5x6m aviary with 5 lorries. i have Had them for around a year. When they all came to me they were not tamed (from different places) im not sure if all of them are wild caught but im pretty sure these two rainbow lorikeets are. Some of them were chained and put in a really small cage...
  2. C

    My housemate's lorikeet hates me

    Hi New housemates moved in a bit over a month ago, they have a green naped lorrikeet. She's 6 months old and pretty good with everyone else but really aggressive with me, she lunges for my fingers, holds on hard when she bites and once bit really close to my eye really hard. She still hops on...
  3. L

    Please help new Lorikeet "parent" - anxious!

    Hello. My 14 yo son and I brought our first Lorikeet home yesterday afternoon. It seemed to be going well but I must say that both my son and I are struck with anxiety about the bird's well being. I think it is because we don't know how to read our bird's body language yet and also, we're not...