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  1. flyzipper

    Where it's offered can matter more than what is offered

    Oscar and Marvin both like interacting with things that are hung near their perches, but Jericho isn't as keen on that configuration. That said, Jericho also spends much more time on the floor (or other flat surface) than my other two, so perhaps it shouldn't be a surprise that's also where he...
  2. Z

    Cage location

    I live in a pretty oddly shaped apartment which makes finding a spot for my lovebird’s cage a bit hard. Half of my apartment is floor to ceiling windows. I wanted to put him near a window because I feel like its better for his circadian rhythm and is more visually entertaining. But Im scared he...
  3. CagedStardust

    Pretty Daisy (A few questions!)

    :hello1: New here! And new to caring for a cockatiel too. I have a cockatiel named Daisy that I my dad gave me two months ago. Probably from a pet store...I don't think she's used to interacting with humans and has probably been kept in a cage all the time. She's still not used to me, but I...