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  1. acolcla

    Rehoming 2 Lineolated (Linnie) Parakeets

    Rehoming 2 Lineolated Parakeets - I have two males from the same clutch born 12/5/23 & 12/6/23. One turquoise and one green. Both have been to the vet for a wellness check and are in excellent health. They are currently on a pellet and fresh veggie diet. Comes with cage and some accessories...
  2. R

    2 very shy Linnies landed

    Hi all, I have 2 beautiful but very shy female Linnies just landed. I planned on just 1 but these two are sisters and seem pretty bonded. I’m aware it will take more time to bond and happy to put the effort in. I have recently had fantastic success with the tiel who was very shy and quiet and is...
  3. T


    I don't know if this question has been posted before, but I'm moving into an apartment soon. I'm worried about if other tenents use candles or self-cleaning oven features. Do I need to somehow purify the air? Should I keep her at my parent's house, and visit often? Shes a linnie if that helps
  4. clarajane

    Issues with rescued linnie

    To establish some background, my boyfriend and I share a 350sf studio and rescued an approximately one-year-old cobalt linnie in March of 2019. We rescued him from a young woman who had to move for college and couldn't keep him. He spent the first year of his life confined to a small cage in a...
  5. Kirima22529

    Super Picky! Help me Find my Next Bird!

    Hello, I'm not new to parrots at all (but I am to this forum!) I'm wanting to add a new bird to the household but I'm finding with my situation I'm looking for something incredibly specific that may not even exist. So I'm wondering if others might be able to help me narrow down the list. So...
  6. mallory

    A Few Questions From A New Lennie Owner

    I've recently acquired a lutino lennie this past week and even with extensive research about the breed, I've found myself still asking questions. 1) Suki (my lennie) has adjusted to her new home quite well, however she doesn't seem interested in any of the toys in her cage and rarely even...