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  1. AussieBird

    Continuation of LJ's Health Stuff

    The poor guy looked like misery today :( I am hoping he's just still recovering from his appointment yesterday. He'll probably be going in again soon, maybe Friday unless he doesn't improve tomorrow. For those who haven't been following his medical stuff LJ has been the vet twice in the last two...
  2. I

    HELP baby cockatiel may have leg problem

    My cockatiel has layed 4 eggs, 1 of them has died for an unknown reason after about 2 weeks, after 2 more days I found the weakest one with empty crop for prolonged time while the biggest 2 with full crop so I have decided to take him out as it seems that she isn't going to feed him like the...
  3. Zara

    Splayed legs 101 - What is it? How to fix it?

    What is it? Spraddle leg, also known as splayed leg(s), is a condition where the legs of a chick are sticking outwards and the chick is not able to support it´s own body weight. A chicks legs should sit vertically under the body and not at an angle. What causes it? Insufficient bedding in the...
  4. S

    Zebra Finch health - sad update #3

    Hi, not sure if anyone can help as I have a poorly Zebra Finch (sorry if this is parrots only). He is one of a pair, aged 11yrs and has in the past 24hrs, stopped hopping around his cage, he flaps about but has lost his balance and his breathing is rapid. One eye is glazed over, is there...
  5. hrafn

    Urgent Kraz tiel's foot is discolored and lifeless

    THE FUN NEVER CEASES IN THIS HOUSE!!! Last night I noticed Kraz hobbling, but when I opened his door I realised that the cage was slightly unsteady, and assumed he was just wobbly because the cage moved when I opened his door. This morning I can see it's his leg. Yesterday, Taco...
  6. Kiwi0724

    Urgent Swollen & Very Irritated Love Bird Feet Please Help!!

    Hello everyone, I have a little peach faced lovebird (Kiwi) and I got him when he was only 8 weeks old. He is now 5 months and at first, it started as some sort of trauma to his leg. He always flies around the house or jumps off the cage sometimes and the leg in which the silver band is on is...
  7. Mabel

    Urgent Bird Can't Move Legs After Injury- Sad Update Post #22

    :quaker:Hello all, I wish I had the pleasure to join this site under different circumstances. Today, my elder Quaker parrot, Mabel, flew into the window. She has always been a weak flier, due to having brain damage from her previous owner. She only just recently learned how to fully utilize...