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  1. C

    Leg band help please

    My budgie passed last night and I really want to know what his leg band represents? Anyone know what a purple band with the letters BBF 5032 means? He was rescued in Omaha, Nebraska @ 2017. Thank you!
  2. L

    Flight Leg Rings

    I am trying to get a few flight training leg rings for my bird. I have budgies, parrolets, cockatiels and Quaker Parrots. I am trying to find the right size rings to get for their little legs. Does anyone know the size to get??
  3. ichooseluna

    Leg band meaning?

    Sorry not sure if this has been posted before, but since I couldn’t find a thread about this, I’ll just post this question here. So on my conure’s leg band it says: 1710 AAC 18 P Closed band. Red. Any idea what these means? I’m in Ontario, Canada.