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  1. Zara

    I got an early present :(

    Yes, all that shredding is from today!
  2. Zara

    Pictures She's very pleased

    So, Aldora has had a very eggciting morning.... She is now very content sitting in my tapas dish.
  3. Zara

    Pictures My eggs smell funny

    I picked up a set of eggs but they smell strange. Like Chinese medicine mixed with maple syrup. I'm going to wash them with ACV, is there anything else bird safe that I can use to get rid of the smell. They cost me 2gbp for 10 from a UK aviary. They feel good, like they feel the same weight as a...
  4. Zara

    No more!

    Hi guys, I´m currently researching and finding information on how to reduce or stop egg laying. My untame hen Aldora is a machine, she never stops laying and it can´t be healthy. I found her on Oct 3 2017 on my doorstep. So she´s been with me a year and 3 months. Age unknown - no ID band. She...
  5. Veggielover

    Smart egg layer

    So, my pearl pied cockatiel layed her second egg ever today. The first had a hole in the egg. So marshy took some paper that I had put in the cage and closed the egg's hole with paper and water. I'm beyond amazed at how intelligent this little bird is. Have any of you experienced anything...