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kings cage

  1. HCK9s

    Medium White King’s Cage - Tennessee

    This is a King’s Cage. It’s white in color. Good condition. Have the skirt but removed it as it was taking up more space. 34.5” L x 24.5” W x 52” H Really nice cage, we just don’t have a use for it. Our birds stay in the same cage now. $200.00. Firm. Pick up in Sweetwater, Tennessee. Prefer...
  2. HCK9s

    Huge, Beautiful Black King's Cage For Large Parrots - Macaw, Cockatoo

    This cage was used to house a pair of Moluccan Cockatoos. They have since been re-homed and now their beloved huge cage needs a home. Cages are not made like this anymore. This is an extremely heavy (probably weighs in excess of 250 pounds) and well-made cage. The manufacturer is King’s Cages...
  3. HCK9s

    What Is This Beautiful King's Cage Worth?

    Hi everyone. I rescued a pair of Moluccan 'Toos. She had them in separate cages as one was having issues plucking her chest pretty bad and she didn't want the other one over-grooming the area. One of the cages she had was this large King's Cage. It's very, very heavy. Long story short, before...
  4. Pralina

    Desperately looking for Kings aluminum cage 33 x 25

    Hey everyone, so I am desperately looking for a Kings aluminum cage arch top (ACA 3325) for my alexandrine. I know they don't make them anymore. If anyone has a cage like this lying around for sale, or know of anyone willing to sell, please get it touch with me. Any color will do. I can get it...