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jardine's parrot

  1. papaya13

    Help me choose between two birds!

    After contacting 32 different breeders, bird stores, and rescues, I have 2 leads on potential Jardine’s! My breath caught the first time I found one- I’d gotten so many “sorry, we can’t help you”s that I was getting a little discouraged. So here’s the breakdown: A pair of 1 ¼ YO hand-fed...
  2. A

    Interested in a lesser sulphur crested cockatoo

    Hi, I am new to the forum. I have an eclectus parrot who is almost 2 yrs old. I was going to adopt a 19 yr old Eleonora Sulphur Crested cockatoo that I fell in love with and the day I went to go get him someone else took him that same day and I was so crushed. Now I am considering a 5 month old...
  3. A


    Hi Just thought i would say hello :greet13: I've been kept by a few birds over some thirty years and find I they never stop being fascinated by me and visa versa. Lucky thing that. I find lovebird social dynamics incredibly interesting and fluid. I've had the privilege to live with many...