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  1. papaya13

    FINALLY Ready to Adopt… LF a Jardine’s!

    After years of patience and admiration from a distance, I’m finally prepared to start a relationship with a bird of my own! …that is, if I can find one. I have my heart set on a Jardine’s, but it seems like there are none to be found. I have any new poicephalus postings drop listed on...
  2. R

    Jardines, Senegal and Meyers Questions

    Hello, I have recently been looking into getting a Jardines, Meyers or Senegal (or any other parrot too:rolleyes:) and still have a few questions unanswered, so here they are:geek: Are they one person bird? Are they very playful/energetic? Do they get overgrown beaks(I am talking about...
  3. M

    How long do jardines live?

    Hi all, I haven't found any reliable information on this yet, my breeder says that jardines can live between 40 and 50 years in captivity. Is he right? Thanks!
  4. papaya13

    Jardine's Cages?

    I was wondering about bar spacing for a Jardine's.... Hopefully I'll be bringing one home this spring; I'm very busy during the winter and have decided (not without a little inner moaning and groaning!) to wait it out until April. However, it's never too early to start shopping! (especially, it...